The Founders

Miguel Moreda (Co-founder)

Rosa Vázquez (Co-founder)

Our Story


Professional music composer & filmmaker


As a passionate composer of music with a background in international cinematographic projects, the process of creation is the essence of my work. Always in the hub of a creative team, working closely with directors, I already valued the importance of collaboration and exchange.


Creating with others is a powerful process for me and reflective of sharing our joint human experiences. There is nothing more wonderful than this !


In 2017, after a search on LinkedIn for professionals specialized in communication and based in Galicia,  I found Rosa Vazquez and wrote to her.

I told her about Kino Galicia, a project where I wanted to bring the Kino community, an international movement of independent filmmakers, and its members, to my home region.

Rosa was equally passionate about the challenge that I proposed and we decided to create an associative structure to present the international residency for cinematographic creation (our star activity) to institutions, companies and creators.


In the early days Gael Peschard, a friend based in Paris, joined us in our mission, and helped greatly to launch our project.


We were a super team, I mainly contributed my creative and international vision whilst Rosa, always optimistic and a tireless worker, was excellent in communication locally in Galicia.




As a journalist, most of my professional career is linked to the world of business communication, specifically in the field of cooperatives and the social economy. These are sectors which are based on values that I share such as solidarity, cooperation, and power of synergies, which are essential for the success of any initiative, and with the passage of time, have been rooted and strengthened in my personality. 


When Miguel Moreda introduced me to the kino international movement and his wish to bring it closer to Galicia, I realized, as I came to understand the collaborative essence of the movement, that it coincided with my own desire to become involved in such an exciting project.


So, with Miguel and Gael, we supported each other and became a team and launched on shaping Kino Galicia. Which can only be described as, a beautiful way of weaving networks of contacts between people from all over the world, professionals and amateurs, strangers to each other but all willing to participate in the joint challenge of creating original films in a few days.


We worked together using mutual help, sharing technical material, talent, communicating in our different languages, with honesty and formed friendships.

Undoubtedly, a great challenge for the participants and a huge challenge for those of us who are involved body and soul to make the dreams of those who want to be part of the great Kino family come true.
Unconscious? Perhaps. Motivated? Sure.


Thanks to Kino Galicia,  we have built together a great friendship and became a trusting working team.